In the unlikely event of a unit malfunction our professional service department ensure prompt after sales support.

Your air conditioning system is a major capital investment; you can protect your investment with a maintenance programme, which will keep your equipment operating at optimum performance. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system will help to ensure its trouble-free & efficient operation. Inspection & maintenance operations are recommended every 12-18 months. The benefits of a well maintained system is that the equipment performs more efficiently & operating hours will be reduced, thus large savings in energy costs can be achieved. A well-maintained air handling system creates a healthier environment. Jervis Bay Air Conditioning can provide this after sales service to all equipment supplied.

For residential and commercial equipment we can also assist you in creating a set maintenance plan that ensures you can 'set & forget' - we will call you in an agreed time frame to arrange servicing on a quartlerly/ bi-annual or annual basis. Contact us to talk about the benefits!

Our preventative maintenance service includes the inspection of the following:

1.   Refrigerant levels

2.   Overall operation of system

3.   Fan motors

4.   All electrical connections

5.   Operating temperatures condition / cleaning of indoor & outdoor coils

6.   Outdoor coil checked for air flow restrictions and cleaned

7.   Condensate trays and drains / cleaning

8.   Air filter / cleaning

9.   Condensing (outdoor) unit / cleaning

10. Antibacterial (ABS) Deodorizer